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Taligram App

Taligram App

When you hear the name of Taligram app, you think that it is a letter. But here the taligram is from the Taligram app. Which has become very popular nowadays among all the people? It’s a kind of Android app by which we can talk to people and share photos and videos from them. It’s the same as WhatsApp app. But there is also some Annie Fetus in this which is not in whatsaap.

About Taligram

The Taligram app has been created by http://taligram.org. This is made by Taligram app. It has been designed in such a manner that it is comfortable to run and convenient. This app can be used in both Android phones and PCs. Telegram group can be downloaded and installed on Android Mobiles, up to 14 APIs and above. In less than this does not work.

Taligram App

Features of Taligram

Taligram has many such features that make it completely different, we will tell you about its features on it.

Find Group

Through this, you can find and link to any related group. Like music Bollywood dance group etc.

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Share file up to  1.5 GB

By this, you can easily send any large file. In this, you can send files from 1 mb to 1.5 mb.

 voice messaging

Through taligram, you can send any voice call and voice message easily to any friend.

Download Movie

Through the Taligram app, you can send a movie to anyone and you can also download the movie sent by him. This movie is very quick to download.

Send batches of photos

In this you can not send the photo separately, by this you can send the entire batch of photos together. It supports large files easily.

High level of privacy and security

In the Taligram , the user’s privacy and security have been paid a lot of attention, in which the user’s privacy is built entirely. There is no danger of any kind.

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Friends hope you have installed the Taligram App easily. If there is a problem in it, then please comment by commenting in the comment box. Thanks for visiting our website

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